Some Time Ago

Some Time Ago 09-09-2007.
Part 1
I took about 15 pictures of this cloud, on the south side of the backyard, on the west side I took some others, I hope to post them tomorrow. As far as I know this type of clouds are not tipycal from the open plain (sabana), and it was so weird because it produced a lot of lightnings in its central part, we did not listen thunders so I guess It was far, far away. As I am not a "cloud-o-logist" (does that word exist?) I can not say anything about it, only that is was really weird.

5 comentarios:

rhoen dijo...

woah! looks like a UFO! very nice!

Donna dijo...

Beautiful!!!! It DOES look like a UFO!!!LOL...Great shot sweetie!

Faery dijo...

He he!!! in my town everything is possible. I thought about the independence day movie, when the ships arrived on earth :s

Old Wom Tigley dijo...

Welcome to Sky Watch... you have a great blog here.. and I know your pictures wqill go down so well on Sky Watch... nice to have you signing on.


chrome3d dijo...

It looks very nice. Rising from the horizon. Thanks!