I am Back :For Sky Watch friday

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I am Back :For Sky Watch friday

Well, my present for Christmas was a camera (even smaller than the first one), but I really love it, the old one is damaged, one of the reasons I was out of Sky watch, the other reason is depression, it weights like a ton, my country is in great danger so I feel really bad for all that is happening here

The girls, these are Canela (Cinnamon) and Lila, I found both in the street when they were puppies, they are happy but fat girls now, they need to exercise. Last year we had to divide the backyard with a fence because they liked to fight to each other and they were so heavy that it was difficult to manage the situation so we decided to separate them. Thanks God the backyard is huge and they have plenty of space to play and run.

She looks sad because she (and Lila) could not sleep last night due to Christmas fireworks, they hate the noise.

Lila was talking to me: UuUuUuUurrrr, I don't know what it means


My Brother's Photos 2

My Brother's Photos 2.
and Sky Watch Friday


My Brother's Photos 1

My Brother's Photos 1

Pictures my brother took when he was here on vacation...in the backyard, after all this is waht this blog is about, pictures from the backyard, a diferent eye, a different lence a beautiful camera...well yes, that is his hobby : photography

The background is my back

Yi-yin, he is about 30 years old and is huge


Sky Watch Friday

I Hope It Is Not Too Late

For Sky Watch Friday

I have been soooooo busy lately, plus i had a food allergy and had to take medication and be quiet for a while...yes, me quit for a while... he he he..... bad girl bad girl..Well I did my homework and began my sky watch on tuesday , well I do that every day so here are the pics from tuesday to thursday.

On Thursday afternoon.

While I was talking to God...isnt it beautiful?

On Wednesday early in the morning.

Angels feathers

On Tuesday Evening

A giant dancing with the tank

An elephant drinking water...or beer. Who knows?

A t-rex

Shrek on his belly

A lion with wings and it has a human face :s

A lot of dogs playing