Sky Watch Friday

Sky Watch Friday

Is this cloud exploding?

Visit this link to see real beautiful photos http://www.skyley.blogspot.com/


Sometime between September and October 2005

Sometime between September and October 2005
Not only sky and clouds but also sunlight


Too Many Pictures

Too Many Pictures
and Sky Watch Friday

Today we did not have a fiery sky but a deep blue sky with White clouds; at lest they were White- White and not grey-black clouds like the ones we had almost all the week, more than eight days of heavy rain and … the flu… that thing does not want to leave.

I have a new puppy, a friend found her in garbage bag, yes, he and a friend heard a noise in a garbage bag while they were going to the university, they decided to see what was happening, to they surprise when they opened it, a puppy was in there, they did not know what to do with the little puppy until they had a brilliant idea…Faery… they took the puppy to my house I took her in my hands and it was love at the first sight, I gave her a bath and took her to the vet, she needs a lot more vaccines. Now I have four dogs and two big tortoises. The new puppy seems to be a Chihuahua I am not sure.

As the day was so nice, I went to the backyard near construction site and took about 169 pics.

After a sudden noise like a jet, these lines appeared and also those dark things, there were no birds in the sky at that moment, this is part of the previous pic.

A Dragon?


Today 01-08-2008

Today 08-01-2008

It is rainy today, with little short periods of sun, which I called "a breake". The "breake" was often interrupte by my mom shouting "come in the house, it is raining and you have the flu" ... Goshhhh >: (

It hurts to take pictures to this plant, ouch my poor b...