So many things happen under my portion of sky...

I decided to show one of them, this time showing how to make a super easy piñata and when I find my files (my nephew mixed up all my cds) I will post real big piñatas, I made this as a reward for my nephew after getting a good grade on a math test, imagine his happiness when he saw this in the car after school, with eyes wide open he jumped over the piñata, grabbed it and shouted “it is heavy” knowing it was filled with his favorite candies and sweets, he loved  the hearts too.
You'll need:
corrugated cardboard, hot glue gun, hot glue gun sticks, gift ribbon, paint, brushes, liquid silicone glue, 3 cm wide styrofoam, crepe peper, glitter (optional)

Transfer the shape on the styrofoam and cut it (using a hot styrofoam cutter is better) 

Measure and cut the corrugated cardboard into strips about 10 cm width and about 20 cm longer than the shape you chose this to overlap it so it gives more strength to the piñata. I chose hearts and after cutting them I softly sanded the sides to make them smooth and not so sharp

 Cut a strip of the cardboard same width of the larger one and glue it to the Styrofoam circle

Glue the longer cardboard stripe all around the Styrofoam circle 

 Cut a piece of cardboard of about 5 cm long and about 3 cm wide place it on the piñata side that has the reinforcement and poke two holes

 Using gift ribbon or pieces of wire go through the poked holes to make a loop (the piñata will hang from this loop)

 Place the other Styrofoam circle and glue it on the other side of the piñata

 Cut two pieces of cardboard 1 cm bigger that the hole on the bottom of the piñata and add gift ribbon stripes of about 1 meter long, cover with the second cardboard and staple each one then curl them with one blade of a scissors,  add as many stripes as kids you have, glue it to cover the hole of the piñata, don't add to much glue as kids will pull them

 Paint the Styrofoam, make some ruffles and glue them giving small pinches, you can use liquid silicone glue (to avoid burning your hands with hot glue)

 add some ruffles on the opposite side of the hearts

 Add some more ornaments 

Make a small hole on the top of the piñata to fill it with candies, small toys and confetti 


Rainbow Ring

Rainbow Ring


August 2009

Sky Watch Friday

August 2009, Even though I was a bit busy I was taking pictures and storing them to share.
For the pros photographs click here


Donna's Favorite Colors

Donna's Favorite Colors.

Some are tiny some are big, I have no problem with sizes but with colors that's another thing, I do not know when a flower is purple or blue, pink or lilac so in spanish I name these colors like this: purple, light purple, pinkish light purple, purpleish or kind of purple.See? I'm pur-plexed 8/