Today 07-31-2008

Today 07-31-2008

We had a deep blue sky in the morning, but it changed a bit by 5:00 in the afternoon because some grey cloud showed up, about 6:00 the clouds turned into orange shades and even reddish-brown (I don't know if some colors I name exist in English). After that, we had rain, it is still raining and I love this sound of rain and thunder. I am writing on the laptop, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, watching TV and resting confortably in my bed....with a terrible cold and a tissue box . Pathetic isn't it?

Again I am sorry for all the wire lines


Some Time Ago 09-09-2007

Some Time Ago 09-09-2007
Part 2
As I said before on the south we have the lentil cloud and on the west we had these beautiful clouds.

I don't undestand why this picture took this color, the sky was blue and the cloud was white and grey, the zoom?


Some Time Ago

Some Time Ago 09-09-2007.
Part 1
I took about 15 pictures of this cloud, on the south side of the backyard, on the west side I took some others, I hope to post them tomorrow. As far as I know this type of clouds are not tipycal from the open plain (sabana), and it was so weird because it produced a lot of lightnings in its central part, we did not listen thunders so I guess It was far, far away. As I am not a "cloud-o-logist" (does that word exist?) I can not say anything about it, only that is was really weird.


Today 07-28-2008

Today 07-28-2008
Today we had a very beautiful, shiny, blue day, but about 5:30 some fat ladies began to show and by night they were all over the sky shining in a dark pink, kind of red color and only a thin strip of black night , at 7:30 an orchestra of thunders and lightnings but not a drop of rain... I decided to go inside... just in case.
The last picture was taken without flash and is blurry because it took an eternity to make "click", I was getting purple because I wasn't breathing for not moving the camera...


A Beautiful Evening.

A Beautiful Evening.

The backyard is devided by this fence becaused the two dogs we have do not always agree on the topics they talk about so they decide to fight to stablish who of them is right. Last time they fought,sorry, talked it got really ugly, so we separated them, now they miss each other, even though they can talk through the fence, they are not so happy. But the passion fruit vine is really happy because it happily hang on the fence

Yes yes I know, the passion fruit vine is spreading everywhere

Stormy Evening

Stormy Evening
By this time of the year it is not surprise that a blue evening suddenly becomes in a grey stormy evening, in just seconds. The pictures are taken from different angles.

To me it looks like a dove...

Yup, the backyard is large enough to grow corn


First Post

I enjoy being in the backyard, I call it My Portion Of Sky
I am a very eccentric person…according to those who “know” me, some say it is because I am an indigo child (boy, they don’t realize I am an adult already). Others say I suffer from agoraphobia… (What is that?) And some others have other theories… eccentric, does it mean out of the center?
Now if you say that to be out of the center means to like to be quiet and alone for a while, to watch the sky and take pictures of all the changing faces of it…well, I declare myself guilty of being out of the center, and I confess I love to be just as I am, I need my time out and every evening I go out to the backyard and sit and enjoy the breeze and watching how the clouds take different colors and how the evening becomes night, I enjoy discovering the first star that shows, even though I know it will appear in the same place by this time of the year. I enjoy watching the storm approaching and the spongy, dark clouds gathering high above, the breeze cools, the thunder becomes louder and lightings begin to show. I enjoy feeling the first drops of rain falling on my face…
My camera is small and I am not a photographer, but I shot what I see , and this is the result