Some Time Ago 09-09-2007

Some Time Ago 09-09-2007
Part 2
As I said before on the south we have the lentil cloud and on the west we had these beautiful clouds.

I don't undestand why this picture took this color, the sky was blue and the cloud was white and grey, the zoom?

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chrome3d dijo...

All those rays look really strange and the bluriness too. As if it was made to look like some weathered 50´s movie. I like to see lenticularis-pics too.

chrome3d dijo...

You have good choices of music too. Ivy sounds good, never heard of her before. Nelly Furtado´s I´m like a bird? Yeah yeah!

Kelly dijo...

Your photos are beautiful! I love the clouds, they are so endearing and I get "swept" away looking at clouds they are so lovely! My post has a lot of clouds in it this week too.

Thank you for thinking of me when you were watching the show on Amelia. Was it on the show "Biography" amd the one that shows her life and marriage to George, the parade and her telling her mother that she's happier than she thought she'd ever be by being married to him? If not, do you remember the name of the show and/or what station it was. I try not to miss anything about her if I can avoid it...so if it is a new one or one that I have missed, I'd sure love to know about it and not miss it!

Sorry, I started rambling there... back to your pictures, they really are excellent!!! You are an great photographer! Good job!! Have a great week!!