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I enjoy being in the backyard, I call it My Portion Of Sky
I am a very eccentric person…according to those who “know” me, some say it is because I am an indigo child (boy, they don’t realize I am an adult already). Others say I suffer from agoraphobia… (What is that?) And some others have other theories… eccentric, does it mean out of the center?
Now if you say that to be out of the center means to like to be quiet and alone for a while, to watch the sky and take pictures of all the changing faces of it…well, I declare myself guilty of being out of the center, and I confess I love to be just as I am, I need my time out and every evening I go out to the backyard and sit and enjoy the breeze and watching how the clouds take different colors and how the evening becomes night, I enjoy discovering the first star that shows, even though I know it will appear in the same place by this time of the year. I enjoy watching the storm approaching and the spongy, dark clouds gathering high above, the breeze cools, the thunder becomes louder and lightings begin to show. I enjoy feeling the first drops of rain falling on my face…
My camera is small and I am not a photographer, but I shot what I see , and this is the result

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Donna dijo...

LOOK AT YOU!!! This is Wonderful!!!!! I found your name on Skywatch!! I'll add this link to my blogroll so I can find it easily!!
I LOVE your Pictures!!!hughughugs

Faery dijo...

he he he :), I was going to tell you, only I wanted to have everything in place before :)