Sky Watch Friday

I Hope It Is Not Too Late

For Sky Watch Friday

I have been soooooo busy lately, plus i had a food allergy and had to take medication and be quiet for a while...yes, me quit for a while... he he he..... bad girl bad girl..Well I did my homework and began my sky watch on tuesday , well I do that every day so here are the pics from tuesday to thursday.

On Thursday afternoon.

While I was talking to God...isnt it beautiful?

On Wednesday early in the morning.

Angels feathers

On Tuesday Evening

A giant dancing with the tank

An elephant drinking water...or beer. Who knows?

A t-rex

Shrek on his belly

A lion with wings and it has a human face :s

A lot of dogs playing

7 comentarios:

Columbo dijo...

What a great posting for SWF. You certainly had some awesome sky photos, and yes I did see the T-Rex. Never too late to post.

Tommy V dijo...

great series of photos for swf. I like how you captured the suns raises

Crazy Mama dijo...

awesome shots!

fishing guy dijo...

Faery: Now what scares me is saw most of what you saw. Last week I saw Bill Clinton in the Sky. This was a nice series.

Mary dijo...

very interesting and beautiful shots! Happy swf. :)

Denise dijo...

A lovely set of SkyWaqtch photos. Enjoyed all of them.

chrome3d dijo...

You always have so many goodies on your blog. The angels feathers were my favourites this week. So fragile and light.