Skywatch Friday

A Windy Evening

The weird cloud appeared again…yes last year it was on the south and this year on the north but it had lightning that made no noise just like the one last year. The evening was very windy and the other clouds are blurry because they changed so fast…but not that thing it took the cloud about an hour or so to change its shape. I would like to know more about clouds like this one, I live in a place with no mountains or hills; this part of the country is plane, flat.
Please visit this link to watch the professional and really beautiful photos

5 comentarios:

James dijo...

Very strange but beautiful clouds.
Nice post.

Small City Scenes dijo...

really love all kinds of clouds. I believe this type of cloud is called a lenticular cloud---but maybe not as they are usually around mountains and you live on the flat land. so it's only a guess. Beautiful shots though. MB

Arija dijo...

Love the big white cloud, it almost looks lenticular.

Chris dijo...

what amazing clouds, you have captured them really well. I also love your photos of plants.

Glennis dijo...

A very interesting cloud, very wind blown, it must be strong swirling winds way up there.